Why are air jams in the water supply system of a private house dangerous and how to get rid of them

Air congestion in the water supply lines leads to a disruption in the uniformity of the water flow, which causes water hammer and leads to rapid wear of pipes and fittings. To avoid deformation of the water supply system, you need to know what methods can be used to eliminate air accumulations in the pipeline cavity.

The main causes of air congestion

If air pockets occur, check the tightness of the connections.

The appearance of bubbles in the water supply lines is associated with an internal physicochemical reaction or penetration from the outside. In the first case, gas escapes from the water stream itself, because about 30 grams of air are dissolved in 1000 liters of water. The release of the gaseous substance is faster if the liquid flows slowly and if it is heated. It is for this reason that voids and cavities appear in hot water pipes much more often. In the second case, air from the external environment leaks into the trunk networks.

The main reasons for the appearance of air from the outside in the water supply system of a private house:

  • when the liquid level drops, air can be sucked in through the non-return valve;
  • fitting elements with rubber sealing parts are poorly wrapped, depressurization occurs at the joints;
  • the air in the water supply lines has not been removed from the first start of the system.

In vertically directed pipes, air rises up or is absorbed throughout the cavity. In horizontal - it accumulates in the highest places, which is unfavorable for the entire system.

The destruction of air bubbles occurs at a flow rate of a quarter of a meter per second. If it is less, the traffic jams can remain in one place for a long time.

Danger of air bubbles in the pipeline

Water hammer is able to break the pipe

Bubbles, especially large ones, are capable of destroying even strong elements of the line. The main troubles that they bring to the owners of private houses:

  • They accumulate in the same areas, leading to breakage of pipe sections and adapters. They also pose a hazard to bending and winding pipe sections where air is trapped.
  • They break the water flow, which is inconvenient for the user. The taps all the time "spit out" water, vibrate.
  • Provoke water hammer.

Water hammering leads to the formation of longitudinal cracks, due to which the pipes gradually collapse. Over time, at the point of cracking, the pipe breaks, and the system ceases to function. Therefore, it is important to equip additional elements that allow you to quickly get rid of dangerous bubbles.

How to get rid of air in the plumbing

If air bubbles interfere with the operation of the pipeline, but the bleed elements have not yet been installed, turn off the pumping station that pumps water from the well. Then open all drain taps and drain the water along with bubbles from the network. After that, connect the pressure equipment and start up the water flow.

Devices for bleeding and descent will help to get rid of air jams in the water supply system of a private house forever:

  • mechanical valves, such as the Mayevsky device;
  • ball valves and valves;
  • automatic air vents.

It is necessary to manually bleed the air using shut-off valves, which is quite laborious. Therefore, it is better to choose alternative options.

Mechanical valve

The device is not complicated, but the device is able to quickly and effectively rid the pipeline of bubbles. The principle of operation of a mechanical valve is as follows:

  1. A hollow cylinder with a cover, into which a threaded plug is mounted, is connected to the water supply with a threaded connection.
  2. A plastic float ball is suspended inside the cylindrical box. When there is only water in the pipeline, the float rises to the plug hole, and, due to the pressure of the water flow, tightly blocks it.
  3. As soon as air seeps into the device, the ball goes down and bleeds the air lock.

Devices capable of removing air are mounted in the highest, turning and curved places of the line - where there is a high risk of air accumulation.

Automatic air vent

There are three types of machines for removing air from water supply networks:

  • float valves;
  • starting devices;
  • combined type devices.

When choosing a drain, they look at the volume of potential traffic jams, the operating pressure in the network and the quality indicators of water. This data can be found in the technical manual of the device. You should not take a machine with maximum power. When operating at a minimum, it is more likely to wear out.

Homemade air accumulator

Automatic devices do not always cope with air extraction in country houses. Usually there are a lot of air bubbles in such lines, water gushes out from the valve device.

Instead of an air vent machine, a storage device is installed, which is a tank with a tube and a tap.

The device can be built by hand. For efficient operation, the cross-section of the air accumulator must be five times larger than that of the pipeline. The storage device is mounted at the highest point of the aquifer.

When installing water supply networks in a country cottage, it is important to provide for the installation of devices for eliminating air. They protect the working system from water hammer and rapid destruction.

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