What is a water supply riser and what materials can it be made of

A water riser in an apartment is a vertically positioned pipe that runs through all floors of an apartment building. From it, a branch pipe enters the apartments, at the end of which a locking device is installed: a valve, a tap or a gate valve. After this device, loungers are laid - pipes located horizontally, which are connected to plumbing fixtures.

Who is responsible for what

Repair and replacement of water supply risers should be carried out by the service organization.

The riser belongs to the area of ​​responsibility of the organization that serves the house. All activities carried out with it - repair, replacement, etc. - are made at the expense of the rent, which the owners of the apartments pay monthly. The sun beds are the property of the apartment owners, so all repair and replacement costs are borne by them. This also applies to the locking device.

If the water supply riser requires repair, and the management organization delays with it, the residents of the house can carry it out themselves. This event must be agreed with the managing organization. The contract specifies the timing of the work, because for this period the water supply of several apartments located above each other will be cut off.

To replace the riser, it is necessary to agree on the type of pipe so that unforeseen situations do not happen in the future. The pipe material is usually indicated in the building passport.

Types of materials for the riser

There are requirements that relate to the service life of tubular products made from different materials. They are indicated in SP 30.13330.2012. This document clearly states that pipes installed in a hot water supply system must last at least 25 years. In a cold water supply system - at least 50 years.

Previously used steel products served much less. The departmental building codes provide data on each type of pipe in terms of their long-term operation.

Pipe typeService life in the cold water supply system, yearsService life in the hot water supply system, years
Steel gas pipeline1510

Practice shows that in a cold water supply system, steel pipes serve much less than the stated period. The reason is condensation that forms on the outer surface. It is a catalyst for the metal corrosion process.

Today, more and more risers are erected from plastic pipes. But when choosing the latter, it is necessary to take into account their strength characteristics. For cold water supply, you can use polypropylene pipes of the PN10 brand, for hot water at least PN20. Reinforced-plastic models can be used without restrictions.

In apartment buildings, the hot water supply of which is formed from the elevator unit, there is a high probability of deviation of water parameters from the standard. It is recommended to use steel products here.

Installation rules for risers

Connection of polypropylene pipes

First of all, the water supply is turned off. For this, a locking device is closed in the basement. If the latter is not there, you will have to call the housing and communal service, which will cut off the water supply to the entire house or entrance.

Replacing the riser of a water pipe means dismantling the old one and installing a new one with its obligatory connection to the sun loungers in each apartment. Depending on the type of pipe used, the connections will be made differently:

  • steel and galvanized by gas or electric welding;
  • polypropylene by welding (soldering);
  • metal-plastic by welding or press fittings.

There are standards for the location of water pipes:

  • from the wall - 5 cm;
  • between DHW and cold water supply - 8 cm.

If the height of the ceilings in the apartment does not exceed 3 m, the water pipes are not attached to the walls. Cement filling in the interfloor floor is an excellent fixation. If the height exceeds 3 m, one fastener is installed in the middle of the pipe length. This applies to steel products. If the water supply is assembled from plastic pipes, regardless of its brand, the fastening is carried out in increments of 80-100 cm.

It is impossible to dock piping in ceilings. Installation should start from the basement. At the junction of the plastic riser with the lounger, a tee is mounted. In steel water pipelines, the branch pipe for the lounger is cut using gas or electric welding. The connection is carried out with the same technologies.

In an apartment on the top floor, it is better to install an outlet that connects the sunbed and the riser.

According to SNiP, the hot water supply system should always be located to the right of the cold water supply system.

After assembling the piping, it is necessary to test it to determine the leakage in the joints. To do this, open the locking device and check the connection points.

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