How many atmospheres should there be in the water supply system in the apartment

Violations of rights in the housing and utilities sector are common. One of them is a violation of the standard water pressure in the water supply network in the apartment. This refers to both cold water supply and hot water. The consequences of a mismatch can be very different: from small leaks or plumbing breakdowns to the inability, for example, to take a shower.

Consequences of the deviation of water pressure in the water supply from the standard characteristics

With low pressure in the water supply system, water flows slowly, household appliances do not turn on

A decrease or increase in water pressure leads to big troubles associated with the technical equipment of city apartments.

  • High pressure destroys shut-off valves: valves, gate valves.
  • Household appliances and water meters fail.
  • If the water pressure drops, some household appliances are not switched on, such as a washing machine or dishwasher.
  • Plumbing, which requires increased drainage, will not work. For example, boilers, toilets and more.

The main problem is the inconvenience associated with using the water supply for hygienic purposes. This is mainly due to a decrease in head. It is impossible to take a shower at low pressure.

Minimum pressure indicators for some types of plumbing fixtures:

  • mixer installed on the sink in the bathroom or sink in the kitchen - 0.2 atm .;
  • a mixer installed on a bathtub or in a shower cabin - 0.3 atmospheres;
  • toilet bowl, or rather its flush tank - not lower than 0.2 atm.;
  • bidet - the head must be at least 0.3 atm.;
  • washing machine - within 2 atm .;
  • dishwasher - 1.5 atm.;
  • if a heating boiler is used in the house, which provides hot water to the heating system and hot water supply, the pressure in the water supply system should not be lower than 1.5 atm.;
  • for a hydromassage or jacuzzi, a pressure of at least 4 atm is required.

The latest plumbing fixtures are rare in multi-storey buildings, so they can be neglected when calculating the pressure in the water supply pipes in apartments. But if the installation of such plumbing is planned, this parameter will have to be taken into account. If the actual pressure in the pipes is low, you will have to think about a way to increase the pressure. The easiest option is to install the pump.

In suburban areas, an irrigation system is required. The water in it must have a pressure of at least 3.5 atm.

Standards for SNiP

The dependence of water flow on the diameter of the pipes and pressure.

Water supply networks are designed on the basis of SNiP numbered 2.04.2-84, which clearly regulates the standards for water supply to apartments. This document fixes what the water pressure should be in the water supply system of apartment buildings and private buildings.

In SNiP it is indicated that the pressure inside the water supply pipes should not be less than 1 bar. It is an atmospheric unit of measure that defines a pressure equal to 10 meters of water column - at this pressure, water rises to a height of ten meters.

Since apartment buildings and private houses belong to different categories, the standards in them differ slightly from each other.

  1. On the ground floor of an apartment building, the water pressure must be 1 bar. As the number of storeys increases, each level must increase by 0.4 bar. That is, by 4 m.For example, if the house is five floors, the calculation is carried out as follows: 10+ (4x5) = 30 m or 3 bar.
  2. In a private house, the height of which does not exceed 3 floors (this is 10 m), the pressure in the water supply must be 1 bar. If the number of storeys is higher than this indicator, the water pressure increases to 2 bar.

In the legislative documents, the standards are spelled out precisely. They differ from the passport indicators of plumbing fixtures strikingly. Cold water should be supplied to apartments with a pressure of 0.3-6.0 atm. Hot water should be supplied with a pressure of 0.3-4.5 atm. These parameters are extreme.

If the pressure inside the water supply deviates in one direction or the other, this is considered a violation of the law, and residents of a multi-storey building can file a complaint with the management company. Based on the checks, it is possible to achieve a recalculation for the consumption of hot and cold water.

The method of lowering or increasing water in the water supply system

Experts say that the minimum level of water pressure in the water supply network of multi-storey buildings should not be lower than 2 atm, and the maximum should not exceed 4 atm. This plug is sufficient for the normal operation of plumbing fixtures and creating favorable conditions for water treatments.

If there are violations in the direction of increasing the pressure, that is, there is a high probability of failure of plumbing fixtures, this problem can be solved by installing such a device as a pressure reducer (regulator). It is mounted at the inlet of the water supply pipe to the apartment in front of the water meter, but after the shut-off valve or gate valve.

Small household pumps can be used to increase the pressure. These are compact devices operating from a 220 V network. The power of the unit is selected according to the number of consumers.

Water pressure in the autonomous water supply system

There are two problems in the autonomous water supply system of a private house. The first is the raising of liquid from the depths. The second is to provide water not only at home, but also in distant areas of the local area. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right pumping equipment with which water is pumped. But in this case, in addition to pressure, it is necessary to take into account the pump performance - the amount of water pumped per unit of time.

The optimal operating mode of the pump is 4 atm. If the area around the house is large enough, and the house itself is built on several floors, where a large number of plumbing fixtures are installed, it is recommended to choose pumping equipment at a pressure of at least 6 atm.

Water pressure in the apartment water supply

The easiest way to determine the pressure in a water pipe is to fill a liter jar by opening the mixer as much as possible, for example, on a sink in the kitchen. Typically, this container at normal pressure should be filled in 7 seconds, no more. But this does not always mean that the pressure in the water supply system is low. The reason may be a clogged mixer. Therefore, you will have to confirm the test result in the bathroom, filling the jar in the same way, opening the mixer in the sink or shower.

The second way is to connect a conventional pressure gauge to one of the consumers. To do this, you need to use an adapter that connects, for example, to the same mixer in the kitchen or to a shower head.

The results obtained are compared with the tabular results, which are indicated in SNiPs. If they are less or more, you can safely contact the management company with a complaint.

Where to deal with the problem of incorrect pressure

Before taking any action related to filing a complaint, it is necessary to check whether the water supply system laid in the apartment is working correctly, and also to check the plumbing fixtures. Often, clogging of filters, mixers and other household appliances can lead to their incorrect operation. For example, the mixer drain mesh may be corny. It just needs to be unscrewed and cleaned, and the pressure from the tap will return to normal.

The same goes for a dishwasher or washing machine filter, shower head and other parts.If a coarse filter is installed in the water supply network, it is also necessary to check it, not to mention the fine filter units that are mounted in cabinets under the kitchen sink.

If the above factors are not the reasons for the pressure drop, the sources of the low pressure may be purely technical characteristics of the water supply system:

  • the installation of pipes was carried out incorrectly, for example, the diameter of the riser is equal to the diameter of the loungers;
  • the shut-off valves were installed incorrectly (vice versa);
  • the pumping station does not provide the required head.

Residents of apartment buildings cannot solve such problems on their own. You can safely file a complaint so that the management company responds to the violations that occur. She must respond to the application within a month.

If there is no response from the Criminal Code, the applicant can apply to the supervisory authority - the Department of Housing and Communal Services under the city administration. A statement is also written here indicating the problems and a copy of the statement to the management company is attached. The city administration responds quickly to complaints from the population. But it is not a fact that the problem will be solved immediately.
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