Instructions for the air conditioner remote control and assistance in setting it up

Instructions for the air conditioner remote control and assistance in setting it upThe instruction of the air conditioner control panel is divided into chapters, which describe in detail the functions and rules of use.

All air conditioner control panels are divided into infrared and wired. The latter type is used for industrial and semi-industrial installations. They transmit signals through thin special wires. One wired remote control controls 3 to 8 air conditioners. How to set up the air conditioner remote control is described in detail in the instructions.

Infrared remotes work optimally at a distance of up to 4 meters.

At a distance of 4 to 8 meters, bright illumination can disrupt the path of the infrared beam.

The instruction of the air conditioner control panel begins with a schematic representation of the device with the designation of its parts and buttons.

Main functions

The description of the air conditioner remote control reads: in order to enter the menu of basic functions, it is necessary to drown the MODE button. The display shows the modes:

  • HEAT - the air heats up to 30 degrees;
  • COOL - the air is cooled to +15 - 18 degrees. To change the temperature, you need to click on the down or up arrows;
  • DRY - dehumidification of air. At a stable temperature, humidity decreases;
  • FAN - adjusts the fan speed. Usually 3 speeds are set;
  • AUTO - all parameters are set automatically. Sometimes this mode is activated by a separate button. It can also be started from the air conditioner body, without a remote control;
  • SLEEP - quiet work at night;
  • SWING - a special mode of intensive ventilation of the room.

Battery replacement rules

In the description of the air conditioner remote control, a separate section is devoted to the correct use of the device:

  • It is necessary to change both batteries at once, install the same ones. To prevent the remote control settings from being lost, the replacement should be carried out as soon as possible;
  • For a long period of inactivity, it is advisable to remove the batteries from the remote control;
  • The batteries last for about 12 months with standard use. Some models indicate the need to replace the batteries. The fact that the batteries are weak is noticeable by the weakening of the display brightness and the slower response to commands;
  • Do not attempt to recharge disposable batteries.

Remote control

  • In order for the signal from the remote control to go to the receiving device, it is necessary to direct the LED to the air conditioner. Any physical obstruction interferes with the signal transmission. Setting up the air conditioner remote control, as the instructions indicate, is not at all difficult;
  • Protect the remote control from falling and getting wet;
  • The remote control works at a distance of no more than 8 meters;
  • If dust accumulates on the LED, it also interferes with the infrared beam. Therefore, the remote control must be periodically wiped with a dry cloth.
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